Mindway AI, eCOGRA, and CasinoReviews.net Launch Innovative “Bet on Awareness” Campaign

Published on: 2024-03-21

Mindway AI, eCOGRA, and CasinoReviews.net Launch Innovative “Bet on Awareness” Campaign

In honor of Problem Gambling Awareness Month (PGAM), three industry-leading companies — Mindway AI, eCOGRA, and CasinoReviews.net — announced a transformative campaign aimed at fostering responsible gaming habits.

At the heart of this initiative lies Mindway AI’s pioneering tool, Gamalyze. Departing from traditional self-assessment methods, Gamalyze offers participants a unique, gamified experience through a 3-minute immersive card game session. This innovative approach provides insights into gambling tendencies, promoting self-awareness and responsible gaming practices.

As the campaign unfolds, Mindway AI, eCOGRA, and CasinoReviews.net will conduct a comprehensive study utilizing Gamalyze’s data. This study promises to offer unique insights into gambling habits and trends in 2024, shedding light on crucial aspects of player behavior.

Commenting on the collaboration, Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO of Mindway AI, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I am truly excited about the collaboration between Mindway AI, CasinoReviews.net, and eCOGRA in championing responsible gambling during Problem Gambling Awareness Month.”

Nikoleta Kuncheva, Product Owner at CasinoReviews.net, emphasized the campaign’s inclusive nature, inviting everyone to participate. “The Bet on Awareness campaign isn’t just for those who gamble; it’s an eye-opener for everyone to discover just how risky their habits might be,” Kuncheva remarked.

Douwe Bijkersma, Chief Delivery Officer of eCOGRA, highlighted the significance of Gamalyze in promoting responsible gaming within the industry, stating, “Gamalyze is an innovative tool which allows players to self-test their gambling behavior and risk profile, a revolutionary concept which we believe will benefit not only the players but the wider iGaming industry.”

Try the Gamalyze tool and learn more about your gambling behaviours here.

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