eCOGRA Announces Leadership Transition

Published on: 2024-05-13

eCOGRA Announces Leadership Transition

Will Shuckburgh appointed as Group CEO, and Shaun McCallaghan to assume new role of Senior Director, Operations and Regulatory Affairs.

eCOGRA, the leading Testing, Inspection, and Certification company serving the iGaming industry, is today delighted to announce two changes to its leadership structure.

Following a period of outstanding international growth, which has seen eCOGRA expand to 39 jurisdictional approvals, including most recently Peru and Brazil, as well as establish new offices in Europe and the US, the business is pleased to announce Will Shuckburgh has been appointed to the newly created role of Group CEO from 1 July 2024. As part of the transition to a fully global business, the Company is also delighted to announce Shaun McCallaghan, who has been with the Company for 16 years, the last 6 of which have been as CEO, will take on the new board role of Senior Director, Operations and Regulatory Affairs.

Willl Shuckburgh, Group CEO of eCOGRA

Will Shuckburgh brings a proven track record leading customer focused businesses through periods of high growth and international expansion. Will, who joined eCOGRA in January 2024, is set to assume the role of Group CEO, following a 6-month hand over period. He has previously held positions as Managing Director at Nectar, Executive Vice President & Chief Membership Officer at Rakuten, as well as Chief Executive Officer of Invincible Brands, amongst others. In these roles, he successfully designed and executed strategies, to achieve profitable growth across multiple markets where client experience was essential.

Shaun McCallaghan has been a driving force behind eCOGRA’s success in recent years. Shaun’s approach is underscored by hard work, unwavering client loyalty and service, and the building of robust regulatory business relationships. Shaun has played a key role in securing dual accreditations, expanding jurisdictional coverage, diversifying the service offering, and enlarging eCOGRA’s client and staff base, while also successfully extending Testing, Inspection, and Certification services into North and South America. These, amongst many other achievements, have helped eCOGRA continue to grow and support clients in the ever-changing regulatory environment in which they operate.

Shaun McCallaghan, Senior Director, Operations and Regulatory Affairs

Shaun now looks forward to taking up his newly formed role of Senior Director, Operations and Regulatory Affairs. This role will focus on ensuring clients will continue to receive the same high quality and reliable services that they have been accustomed to from eCOGRA. Shaun will continue to be a member of the board.

Mark Brooker, the Group Chairman, expressed confidence in the transition, stating, “Will’s appointment brings fresh energy, insight and strategic vision, aligning perfectly with eCOGRA’s commitment to excellence across each of its markets. The changes also reflect eCOGRA’s commitment to stability and innovation, with Shaun continuing to play a key role in the Company’s future success through his new role of Senior Director, Operations and Regulatory Affairs.”

David Cowan, representing the majority shareholder Hanover Investors, commented “This transition signifies a natural evolution in eCOGRA’s leadership landscape in response to the strong growth of the business. Shaun’s transition enables a more hands-on approach to delivery, ensuring eCOGRA’s expansion maintains the highest standards of service to positively elevate the client journey. Meanwhile, Will Shuckburgh, is a seasoned high-growth CEO with an impressive track record, who brings visionary leadership and transformative abilities to the business. Known for identifying and capitalising on emerging opportunities, Will’s focus on fostering a culture of collaboration, and continuous improvement will elevate eCOGRA’s global presence. Together Will and Shaun will maintain our steadfast commitment to excellence and have the full support of the Board and the Shareholders.”

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About eCOGRA

Founded in 2003 to establish and improve operational standards and player safety requirements in the online gambling space, eCOGRA has amassed a wealth of experience in implementing international best practice standards and requirements and ensuring these are maintained through regular review and monitoring.

eCOGRA acts as a regulatory audit partner to over 200 multi-jurisdictional operators, software providers and other relevant service providers in the online gambling industry.

It is the first online gambling testing laboratory authorised to offer operators and service providers accredited ISO/IEC 27001 certifications for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and is the only laboratory able to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services. The company is an approved testing laboratory with several online gambling jurisdictions.

The Independent Testing Laboratory is staffed by a team of professional auditors with Big 4 auditing firm experience, information security experts, test engineers and responsible gambling specialists.