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eCOGRA Forms

eCOGRA Dispute Form

    1. Do I have a valid claim?

    More than 1 year has passed since the conclusion of the operator’s internal complaints procedure

    eCOGRA cannot investigate disputes that are older than one year from the end of the operator’s internal complaints procedure.
    This does not restrict your right to bring proceedings against the Operator in any court of competent jurisdiction.

    My dispute is being or has been considered by another ADR provider, regulator, or a court

    The ADR system is intended to be a light-touch alternative to court proceedings. It is not intended to provide parties to a dispute with repeated opportunities to achieve a different outcome. If you are not satisfied with the decision of an ADR provider, you have the option to refer the matter to a court

    My dispute relates to a gambling transaction and/or misleading terms and conditions

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    2. I have completed the site’s internal complaints procedure


    Before eCOGRA can investigate your dispute, you must first approach the gambling operator and attempt to resolve the complaint before escalating to eCOGRA. Gambling operators are required as a condition of their licence to resolve the complaint, or agree that no resolution can be reached, within a maximum time of eight weeks from receiving the complaint. If the complaint remains unresolved at this stage, the operator should issue a final letter with a reference number to confirm that you have attempted to resolve the matter with the business and may now escalate the matter to ADR.

    3. Does my dispute relate to a transaction or misleading clause in the terms and conditions?

    My dispute relates to the fairness of the software that does not pay out as much as it is meant to

    The fairness of games is considered a regulatory issue and does not fall within the remit of an ADR service provider and should therefore be raised as a complaint with the regulator. Please note that the return to player (‘RTP’) percentage is based on millions of transactions and a poor return over a session or several days does not mean that a machine is not functions as intended.

    My dispute relates solely to responsible gambling and there is no contractual breach

    If you believe a gambling operator has acted irresponsibly towards you, you will need to lodge a complaint with the regulator of the jurisdiction where the site holds their gambling license. eCOGRA’s role does not include considering whether the gambling business’s responsible gambling policy is effective, our remit is to consider whether the terms and conditions for responsible gambling tools are clear and fair in accordance with requirements of consumer protection legislation and whether it would be clear to you

    My dispute relates to the poor standard of customer service received

    eCOGRA is not able to investigate disputes that relate to the standard of customer service nor can we make financial awards based on the standard of service received. Our remit only extends to transactional and contractual disputes such as game results, betting results, account management, application of bonus offers or misleading terms and conditions. You will need to contact the regulator to lodge a complaint.

    My dispute relates the outcome of a gambling transaction such as game results, betting results, account management, application of bonus offers or misleading terms and conditions

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