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eCOGRA Leadership Team

At eCOGRA no employee can be singled out to be the key driver of success;
we are a team.

The true value of a service-oriented organisation is embedded in its people. The eCOGRA leadership team holds various qualifications and skills to enable the business to move forward and stay ahead of the curve, we support an all-inclusive model to managing the day-to-day activities. The diversity of eCOGRA staff’s educational backgrounds and the combined industry knowledge has ensured a growth culture, with a client centric approach at the heart of it all.


Meet the Leaders Fueling our Success

Andrew Bowman

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew is an experienced and well-seasoned CFO. Post University Andrew spent the early parts of his career working for small enterprises while working towards his professional accountancy qualification, most notably working for Lord Bath at Longleat Safari Park. In early 2000 Andrew made his first step into FTSE sized organisations, working for Wincanton PLC where he stayed for 11 years before moving to the FTSE 100 powerhouse, Capita PLC. During his time in Capita Andrew worked in many parts of the organisation, and for the last few years he was the Finance Director for the Customer Experience Division, which included all of their international businesses as well as their UK contracts regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Andrew joined eCOGRA in June 2022 to support the company on its continued growth journey. During his downtime, when he’s not ferrying his young son from one club to another, Andrew enjoys many active pursuits including cycling, walking and dog agility programmes.

Aoife Nic Chuirc

Head of Sales

Aoife Nic Chuirc, hailing from Dublin, Ireland, is an accomplished Head of Sales with over two decades of sales expertise. Her extensive career journey, involving diverse roles, including senior management positions, has contributed to her proven success in substantial sales growth and exceeding budget targets. Aoife’s exceptional communication abilities combined with her dedication to fostering relationships makes her a skilled negotiator. Her dynamic approach, coupled with a meticulous eye for detail, positions her as a pivotal asset for any business. Her affinity for observing and recognising the progress and achievements of colleagues amplifies her collaborative spirit. With a Post Grad in Digital Marketing from University College Dublin, Aoife augments her sales acumen with modern strategies. Complemented by a Certificate in Retail Management, she has honed an impressive skill set including people management, event coordination, operations, negotiation, and more. Aoife’s diverse experience, strategic mindset, and passion for achieving results distinguish her as a dynamic Head of Sales capable of driving growth in competitive landscapes.

Bradley Khoury

Chief Technical Officer

Bradley is a senior executive at eCOGRA who started his career in professional services with PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2006. After joining the eCOGRA team in 2009, he held the role of Senior Compliance Manager and co-Chief Operating Officer, before being appointed as the group’s incumbent Chief Technical Officer. His responsibilities include overseeing the organisation’s territorial approvals and regulator relationships, alongside its testing methodologies and training. As a detail-orientated and seasoned regulatory compliance expert, he has a knack for grasping and managing complex technical issues. His tertiary studies were completed at the University of Witwatersrand with specialism in Information Systems, Accountancy and Auditing, and he went on to qualify as a Chartered Accountant and Certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor.

Chad Shering
Chad Shering
Chad Shering

Chad Shering

Head of Growth

Chad is the Head of Growth at eCOGRA, having joined the company in 2017 and risen quickly through the ranks due to his unwavering commitment to exceeding client expectations. Starting from a grass roots level as a Compliance Tester, Chad’s dedication and drive propelled him to his current role, where he is responsible for developing and executing growth plans and maintaining relationships with clients. A supreme professional, Chad is a strong, confident, and client-focused individual who places great emphasis on building and nurturing relationships with clients. He is always available to provide assistance and ensure that clients’ needs are met, and his dedication to client satisfaction is unwavering.

Chad is an ambitious professional who is committed to driving eCOGRA’s growth and success. He has a strong vision for the organisation and is determined to position eCOGRA as a key player in their clients’ success and growth. His strategic thinking and leadership abilities are core to this, and he is always striving to ensure that eCOGRA is a stronger and better organisation.

Douwe Bijkersma

Co-Chief Delivery Officer

Douwe joined eCOGRA in 2012 after working as a IT Audit Assistant Manager with PwC. He is an information system and security professional with a keen interest in technology and management. After holding the position as Lab Manager, Mr Bijkersma was soon appointed Head of Departments in 2018 overseeing both Platform and Product services delivery, he was appointed co-Chief Delivery Officer in 2022. His tertiary studies include specialism in Computer Sciences, Informatica and Mathematics, and he went on to qualify as a Certified Information Systems Auditor and Certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor.

Marieta Groeneveld

Chief People Officer

Marieta has an undergraduate degree in psychology as well as honours degrees in both Psychometrics and Industrial Psychology. She started her career in consulting working with large organisations to assist in optimising their HR practices, organisation design and conducting skills audits. She later moved into a more corporate environment where she worked in the internal HR departments focusing on talent management, leadership development, organisational development and psychometric assessments.
She has several years of experience leading an HR department and ensuring that HR partners with the organisational leaders in developing and building their teams. This includes leadership development initiatives, talent management, HR transformation and employee engagement.

Rashmika Maharaj

Co-Chief Delivery Officer

Rashmika Maharaj is a co-Chief Delivery Officer at eCOGRA. As a member of the senior leadership team she supervises her delivery staff to ensure effective project execution whilst overseeing day-to- day operations. She is a methodical, standards-driven and self-motivated individual who has meticulous attention to detail skills with a keen interest in technical compliance and management. Her goals include striving for maintenance of high quality standards, excellent service delivery and ultimately overall customer satisfaction. Rashmika joined eCOGRA in 2015 after qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with PWC and has since gained valuable years of experience in the online gambling industry. Her tertiary education includes a Bachelor of Commerce degree and Post Graduate qualification in Accountancy, Finance, Taxation and Auditing. Outside of work she enjoys a relaxing walk on the beach , a good Netflix binge and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Sarah Curran

Head of Marketing

Sarah is a marketing optimist with extensive experience in building brands from the inside out, believing that the key to successful marketing is to involve and engage internal teams to create an army of brand advocates. Sarah’s ability to distil the WHY of a brand’s messaging and to communicate this in a powerful way to the relevant audiences has delivered impressive growth throughout her career for a number of companies across varied industries. Relatively new to the gaming industry, Sarah has been fully immersing herself in gambling regulations, supported by the expansive knowledge of the other eCOGRA leadership team members. Based in eCOGRA’s Dublin office, Sarah originally studied Visual Communications at the Limerick School of Art & Design and has since obtained qualifications in Business Development and Training & Development giving her a unique insight for both the aesthetic and commercial impact of her marketing endeavours.

Shaun McCallaghan
Shaun McCallaghan
Shaun McCallaghan

Shaun McCallaghan

Senior Director, Operations and Regulatory Affairs

Shaun’s expertise has helped to cement eCOGRA’s reputation as a trusted & effective auditing partner in the gambling industry. He has grown business lines, enhanced recognition and streamlined operations. His ability to mobilise top-tier talent has created a high-performing culture that consistently delivers innovative solutions.

After ten years’ experience at eCOGRA, Shaun proved himself to be a motivated and client-focused executive, ascending to the position of CEO. Over his six-year tenure as CEO, he delivered exceptional growth by designing inventive business strategies aimed at meeting client and staff requirements.  In July 2024 Shaun transitioned from the role of CEO to that of Senior Director, with a wealth of leadership experience and a proven track record of success.

Born in South Africa, Shaun completed his Chartered Accountancy training prior to joining eCOGRA, acquiring qualifications in Information Technology, Auditing, Finance, and Taxation.  Shaun is a registered Certified Information Systems Auditor.