eCOGRA Reveals New Brand Identity Reflecting Company’s Values

Published on: 2023-04-03

eCOGRA Reveals New Brand Identity Reflecting Company’s Values

eCOGRA a leading provider of a range of testing, inspection and certification services, have announced a new brand campaign, including a refresh of their brand identity, and the launch of their new website, In addition to the logo, visual identity and website, eCOGRA have also updated their messaging to reiterate their commitment to navigating complex regulatory environments and providing customers with confidence and peace of mind that they are engaging with an independent, impartial and world renowned accredited testing agency.

“While our company has grown rapidly over the past number of years, our focus has centred on maintaining our exceptional levels of service, and so our brand identity has not evolved at the same pace as the wider business. We are therefore thrilled to unveil our brand refresh which represents yet another major milestone,” said Shaun McCallaghan, CEO at eCOGRA. “Our updated branding is a reflection of our commitment to fair gaming, responsible conduct, player protection and regulatory compliance, and we are confident that our new website will provide our customers with a more streamlined and engaging experience.”

The brand refresh and website launch come at an exciting time for eCOGRA, which has seen strong growth in recent years and is poised for further expansion in several jurisdictions across the globe. In recent months eCOGRA have been authorised to offer certification services as an independent testing laboratory (ITL) in Pennsylvania and Michigan on the satisfactory completion of rigorous checks by the relevant Gaming Control Boards. eCOGRA is the first laboratory headquartered outside of the US to be authorised to operate in these states, a welcome addition to their US jurisdictions which also include Colorado and New Jersey. The company plans to continue expanding their jurisdiction and investing in their products, services, and technology to better serve their customers and maintain their position as a leader in the compliance space.

Initial elements of eCOGRA’s brand evolution include:

New Logo: The new logo is still recognisable with the company’s signature tick mark which stands for quality of service and high standards, placed on a blue and grey playing card shape, a subtle nod to the industry eCOGRA operates in. The strong geometric shape of the new logotype signifies the weight of the company’s reputation, and the ‘e’ is highlighted in a warm orange tone, calling out eCOGRA’s warmth of approach with customers and specialisation in online gambling industry.

New Brand Video: The new brand video, which sits on the homepage of, provides an engaging and informative overview of eCOGRA’s products and services. The explainer video was created to help customers and stakeholders better understand the benefits of working with eCOGRA to achieve their testing, inspection and compliance goals. The video features clear and concise messaging, and a compelling narrative that highlights the company’s unique value proposition.

New Website: The new website features a modern design and user-friendly interface, with enhanced functionality and improved navigation. Visitors can browse the site to learn more about key services such as Product Certification, Cyber Security Assessments and ADR, access resources such as Certified Client Verification and Survey forms, and easily contact the company for further information.

New Brand Purpose Statement: Compliance Without Compromise.

About eCOGRA

Founded in 2003 to establish and improve operational standards and player safety requirements in the online gambling space, eCOGRA has amassed a wealth of experience in implementing international best practice standards and requirements and ensuring these are maintained through regular review and monitoring.

eCOGRA acts as a regulatory audit partner to over 200 multi-jurisdictional operators, software providers and other relevant service providers in the online gambling industry.

It is the first online gambling testing laboratory authorised to offer operators and service providers accredited ISO/IEC 27001 certifications for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and is the only laboratory able to provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services. The company is an approved testing laboratory with several online gambling jurisdictions.

The Independent Testing Laboratory is staffed by a team of professional auditors with Big 4 auditing firm experience, information security experts, test engineers and responsible gambling specialists.