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Attain Your Goals in Regulatory Compliance Excellence

Utilising our wealth of experience spanning over 20+ years in iGaming services, in line with regulations set forth by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, we’ve conducted assessments on various online gaming products tailored for regulated jurisdictions globally. Our meticulous approach, in compliance with the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, covers functionality, performance, compatibility, integration, and security assessments, guaranteeing alignment with technical standards and meeting player expectations for game mechanics, features, and gameplay.

These are the services we offer in Czech Republic:

  • Games testing and certification
  • Platform certification
  • Server labelling
  • SAFE server reporting
  • Information Security Management System (ISMS) Audits
  • RNG testing and certification
  • Change Management

For over two decades, we’ve consistently delivered excellent certification services tailored for the online gambling industry

Our Process


    An introduction to one of our customer relationship specialists to assess your individual needs and establish how we can help achieve your goals.


    A detailed and competitively priced proposal tailored to your unique requirements, budget and timeline.


    All agreed services are completed in a collaborative, efficient manner. A dedicated point of contact is available to all clients for any queries throughout the process.

NOTE: We work with our clients on joint business plans to ensure that our resources and capacity are aligned with your growth plans and timelines.

Test with the Best

Why Choose eCOGRA?

  • A track record of high-quality certification services dedicated to online gambling activities for over 20 years.
  • Competitive pricing, notwithstanding the fact that the resources employed by eCOGRA are typically more highly qualified than our competitors.
  • Clients are allocated dedicated relationship managers that act as single points of contact.
  • Our specialist team identify testing synergies and utilise a multi-jurisdictional approach which minimises disruption to operations
    for certification work and ultimately results in cost and time savings.
  • A broad range of professional qualifications, training and experience of our staff ensures that we are equipped to provide professional services across an extensive range of regulatory areas requiring technical, security, financial and legal expertise.
  • Specialised in-house training ensures consistency and quality in the diverse range of services we provide, and we do not make use of sub-contractors.
  • Uncompromising quality and impartiality. We will not hesitate to turn away new clients if we believe additional workload would compromise our level of service.

Ensuring Peace of Mind with Strict Regulatory Compliance

Join the companies benefiting from the expertise of our specialist team world-wide to receive the highest level of service in testing, inspection and certification.