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Over the past several days eCOGRA's independent directors and I have been involved in seeking to have an unacceptable search engine optimisation marketing campaign involving the Jackpot Factory group withdrawn.

The campaign, which disseminated offensive and even false information to vulnerable audiences is in the opinion of the eCOGRA Compliance Committee unethical in both content and intent.

The first priority of eCOGRA was to ensure that this material was pulled down as soon as possible. To that end eCOGRA complied with its corporate procedures by first verifying the allegations and then insisting that the Jackpot Factory group management take immediate action to obliterate all traces of this material.

Despite eCOGRA strongly emphasising to the Jackpot Factory Group that the removal of the offending material was of the highest urgency, it took longer for the Jackpot Factory Group to remove the material than anticipated due to complications arising from the unorthodox manner of its original construction and technical implementation. We are informed that those responsible for conducting this campaign have been appropriately dealt with by the Jackpot Factory group.

The eCOGRA Compliance Committee has been assured by Jackpot Factory staff that the offending material has been removed . If any future traces surface going forward, eCOGRA has insisted on an assurance that Jackpot Factory will immediately remove these, too.

eCOGRA's next requirements will involve its independent inspection regime, which will study how this offensive material managed to pass through the vetting and administration systems within Jackpot Factory. The objective of this will be to ensure there can be no reoccurrence.

eCOGRA's non-executive directors who form its Compliance Committee have nevertheless decided to suspend the Play It Safe seal from All Slots casino and those other casinos within Jackpot Factory which had links to the offensive material pending the outcome of eCOGRA's investigation.

The Board emphasises that it strongly condemns the nature and targeting of the Jackpot Factory SEO campaign which is contrary to eCOGRA's eGAP and codes of best conduct.

eCOGRA would particularly like to thank those involved members of the player and affiliate communities who took the time and trouble to keep me appraised of developments as this incident unfolded. It is encouraging to see this level of interest in eCOGRA and faith in its procedures, and the assistance provided in assessing the extent and nature of the wrongdoing here was invaluable. I would welcome any further information which identifies the existence of similar content.

Andrew Beveridge

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