Gambling watchdog: "Dutch casinos fail blatantly"

Online casinos licensed by the Kansspelauoriteit (KSA) too often "look for the edges of the new gambling law. So says the gambling authority itself.

René Jansen, chairman of the KSA indicated on that website this Thursday in the House of Representatives. Jansen mentions the names of BetCity, Kansino, and TOTO, among others.

The widely criticized regulator has indicated that it will have to "get down to business". Jansen is referring to both the prevention of gambling addiction and the advertising policy. These advertisements were initially intended to lead visitors from the illegal to the legal offer. According to Jansen, this has worked well.

Less successful is the protection of consumers against gambling addictions. Online casinos do that "too little," according to Jansen.

The chairman mentions as an example that members can deposit large sums of money, play endlessly and lose large amounts of money without limits.

The KSA already sent warnings to the online casinos to no avail, but says it cannot always intervene hard. The watchdog says it has fewer resources than, for example, the Financial Markets Authority (AFM).

The Lower House held a so-called round table discussion on Thursday, where MPs could question parties in the gaming market about the new situation. Chairman of the discussion was Michiel van Nispen of the SP.

As a counterargument to all the problems in recent months, it is reported that "the Netherlands was late in opening the gambling market."

According to experts, it is therefore no less than logical that there are problems right after the market opening. Those struggles could even last for a few years.

It is striking that both politicians and online casinos are thinking of tougher measures. One of the problems is that visitors with addictions can now change providers with deadly ease.

If a website starts asking annoying questions, the visitor can sign up somewhere else. With new online casinos coming soon and a total of about 30 providers, visitors can so often lose a lot of money again.

René Jansen says that it is currently difficult to determine the exact numbers of gambling addicts in the Netherlands.

These figures may not be shared until next month, due to new privacy legislation. Therefore, it is currently not possible to determine the exact numbers.

As of July 1, 2022, this should be possible. From then on it will be easier to follow how the number of gambling addicts develops in the Netherlands.

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