eCOGRA Client Satisfaction Survey Forms

eCOGRA Continuous Improvement Survey Games Testing

An eCOGRA Project Lead recently managed and completed a certification. Please help us enhance our quality and level of performance by completing the following survey which should take approximately 3 - 10 minutes to complete. Kindly mark the appropriate box for each statement below and complete the comments section. If you cannot respond to a question because you have no basis for evaluation, please mark the “Neither Agree nor Disagree” column. The survey is anonymous, but if you'd like to, please give us a bit more information as it will help us resolve issues particular to your situation.

Name and Surname of Respondent


Type of certification

Please list the regulated markets that game certifications were completed for during the course of this project

eCOGRA Project Team members

Please enter the names of the eCOGRA staff that you have worked with on game certifications during the course of this project

Project fees were clearly communicated.

Client deliverables were clearly communicated.

Project completion date was agreed upon and confirmed.

Testing environment issues were timeously communicated and resolved.

Regular and useful progress reporting communications were provided and queries were timeously answered and addressed.

Findings reported were valid and clearly communicated.

Project certification was concluded within the agreed upon time frame.

Please rate your overall satisfaction on how you enjoyed working with the Project Team in general

Highly Satisfied

Highly Unsatisfied

Additional comments you feel may be helpful in evaluating the quality and/or effectiveness of this review.