eCOGRA Client Satisfaction Survey Forms

Regulatory Compliance Services

An eCOGRA Compliance Auditor recently managed and completed a certification. Please help us enhance our quality and level of performance by completing the following survey which should take approximately 3 - 10 minutes. Kindly mark the appropriate box for each statement below and complete the comments section. If you cannot respond to a question because you have no basis for evaluation, please mark the “Neither Agree nor Disagree” column. The survey is anonymous, but if you'd like to, please give us a bit more information as it will help us resolve issues specific to your situation.

Name and Surname of Respondent


Type of review

Date when the review was started

Compliance Auditor

The compliance review objectives were clearly communicated.

Planning information and preparation documentation were clearly presented in an understandable format and provided sufficiently in advance of the compliance review dates.

Areas of concern that were communicated to the compliance auditor were appropriately considered and addressed.

The compliance review procedures applied were deemed practical in meeting the compliance and reporting objectives.

Certification deadlines and key milestones were appropriately planned for and communicated by the compliance auditor.

Communication of progress and frequency of updates provided by the compliance auditor were adequate.

The compliance auditor conducted the review an a professional and technically proficient manner.

The compliance auditor was respectful of you and/or your staff's time and used the time meaningfully.

Review results were fairly and accurately reported using an objective perspective.

The compliance review report and/or compliance certificate sufficiently met the compliance and certification requirements.

The compliance review report was accurate, clear and organized.

The time given to respond to the draft compliance review report was adequate.

The compliance review report and/or compliance certificate were delivered in a timely manner in light of certification deadlines.

Overall, the compliance review added value and provided meaningful results.

Additional comments you feel may be helpful in evaluating the quality and/or effectiveness of this review.